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Welcome to Bar Games

ZanZaBar Cologne (Good Luck - Sandalwood) Has released its Formula(s), free of charge, make it for yourself

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Some games and methodologies are NEW TO MANKIND and its appreciated when you share these games with friends or over ZOOM.

To play in real life with real dice it would be the die to the left first then the one to the right - for counting purposes

If you want to play games that expand your mind and intelligence. If you do not want to play video games where all you do all day is kill things, then this is your site

Tap or click on back of cards to reveal card, then click or tap again to hide (best veiwed on Laptop computer or large screen)

Featuring REAL DEAL, should play like an actual deck of cards. Non enticement card software, just honest cards, like a real shuffled deck of cards. The deck will be hard suffled on a perioditic basis, so if patterns arise they can be discounted.

Other software is usually enticement dealing, example: player 1 KK player 2 AA, both are inticed to bet. If this happens in this game it is in the stars, not programmed for any outcomes. You should have a Fifty-Fifty chance of winning. Just like an actual deck of cards, in a heads up 2 player setting. You may want a third person to over see the device or computer handeling, making sure no one is cheating.

Here's the links below to the games - good luck:

The games are not hackable through code injection like all other games on the internet utilizing the preprogrammed card dealing code packages or worse custom enhanced enticement card dealing, where you are fooled constantly and keep spending more and more money and are on a never ending losing streak.

To "Role" playing cards as dice requires shuffling cards behind your back (with both hands), until you can no longer tell what card is what